IAS version 2023.03 - Release Notes

Here’s what’s new in the latest IAS Media Quality platform release.


Netflix Viewability and Invalid Traffic Measurement

Netflix and IAS have joined forces to provide transparency into how advertisers' campaigns perform with Viewability and Invalid Traffic (IVT) verification on Netflix. Our partnership will allow customers to validate the quality of CTV and OTT media buys by ensuring ads are seen by real viewers in a premium environment with our easy-to-use reporting solution. IAS’s verification for Netflix is available across all platforms – connected televisions, computers, and mobile - in all of the 12 Netflix ad-supported countries (US, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, South Korea, and Japan).

See full press release here! If you are interested in testing this new solution, we encourage you to reach out to your Xandr representative, or we would be happy to put you in touch.

Fully On-Screen & Content-level Transparent CTV Pre-Bid Segments are now on Xandr!

Two new IAS CTV pre-bid segments are now available on Xandr:

  • Fully On-Screen, to target inventory from CTV apps that IAS tested and validated for Renderability - meaning that ads stop playing when the TV screen is off

  • Content-level Transparent, to target inventory from CTV publishers that opted-in to share Channel & Content-level data for post-bid reporting on the IAS Advanced CTV UI

This optimization product helps marketers programmatically address viewability and transparency challenges when buying CTV. Both segments currently give access to mostly US inventory as we expand coverage to other markets in 2023 and beyond. To utilize the IAS CTV optimization within Xandr, simply select the segments by choosing from the list by searching “IAS: CTV”:


Please reference our detailed Xandr DSP user guide in our Help Center for full activation instructions, and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

IAS + Good-Loop Carbon Footprint Measurement

IAS + Good-Loop has partnered to provide transparency into sustainability by computing carbon emissions from an advertiser’s digital campaign. Customers who are interested in understanding their carbon footprint will have the opportunity to decode the specific media types, formats, and media partners that contribute to CO2 emissions. 

Available Apr 28, 2023, Globally.  If you want to include Good-Loop’s Carbon Footprint Measurement in your campaigns, please contact your IAS representative to get started!  

Unified View - Placement Level

IAS is excited to enhance Unified View and support placement-level dimensions. With this release, clients who are using custom dimensions in their placement names can also group their reporting by custom dimensions. Potential placement custom dimensions include Behavioral Targeting Segments, Demo, Channel, Media Type, and more. 

Available Apr 28, 2023, Globally. Please stay tuned for updated resources on how to implement placement dimensions here


New Context Control Avoidance Segment: Political Parties

We’ve released two new off-the-shelf avoidance segments: Politics - Democratic Party (1511375) - Excludes content related to negative news or sentiment around the Democratic Party as rated by the IAS semantic intelligence engine. Politics - GOP Party (1511377) - Excludes content related to negative news or sentiment around the GOP as rated by the IAS semantic intelligence engine. Use this segment in any DSP integrated with IAS.

IAS Context Control: Segment Catalog

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