Activate TikTok & IAS OMSDK for Video Level Brand Safety & Suitability

To activate OMSDK video level brand safety and suitability, you must configure an agreement.

Before You Begin

  • TikTok must allow-list your account for use of the IAS solution.

  • Your IAS representative must activate the product for your organization.

  • Your team must have an agreement template configured that includes the TikTok Video-Level Brand Safety product.

  • Apply any Geo-limitations to your campaigns.

  • Remove the TikTok bundle ID from your app exclusion list.

  • You must be using either IAS Pre-bid Brand Safety solution or TikTok's 1P Prebid Inventory Filter in TikTok Ads Manager to allow post-bid measurement.


To activate OMSDK for video level brand safety and suitability:

  1. In IAS Signal, go to Campaign Setup here:

  2. Create or Edit a campaign with an agreement template that includes TikTok Video-Level Brand Safety product. You can read how to edit agreement templates here:

  3. From the right side of the CAMPAIGN INFO section, click AUTHORIZE HERE. The Ad Manager in TikTok opens.

  4. In TikTok Ad Manager, link your IAS account to your TikTok account, and Save.

  5. After TikTok links your IAS account, go back to your campaign setup page in IAS Signal.

  6. Add Bytedance as the media partner (Media Partner ID: 20461).

  7. Save your campaign. A tag automatically generates, and you see a prompt to go the Tag Manager:


  8. Or, you can go the Tag Manager here:

  9. Click on the name of the campaign in which you added "Bytedance" as the media partner. A page with all tags for that campaign loads.

  10. Find your tag. The status of the tag is "AUTO".

  11. From the right side of your tag click the Actions dropdown.

  12. Click Add additional placement wrapper(s) or Download placement wrappers.

  13. State the number of additional placements needed.

  14. (Optional) Rename placements. Click the Source File Name you wish to modify.

    1. Once you are redirected to the page, scroll to Placement Settings.

    2. Under Placement Settings, select the pencil icon to modify the default placement name.

    3. Click on the check mark to save changes.

  15. Select "Download Placement Wrapper".

  16. Confirm the wrapper looks similar to this example:[OMIDPARTNER]&apiframeworks=[APIFRAMEWORKS]&bundleId=[BUNDLEID]&campId=__CAMPAIGN_ID__&placementId=__AID__&ias_xappb=[ctv_appid]&ias_advId=__ADV_ID__&ias_chanId=__CID__&ias_pubId=RIT__CSITE__&ias_dealId=__OBJECTIVE_TYPE__&originalVast=
  17. In Tiktok Ad Manager, go to 3rd party measurement tracking.

  18. Select IAS from the drop-down and copy and paste the placement wrapper into the "Enter your IAS tracking URL" field.

    1. For Brand Safety only > Paste tag in Brand Safety Measurement field

    2. For Viewability/IVT + Post-bid Brand Safety > Paste same tag in both fields" [change image to attached]


Need further help?

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