Set Tag Settings by Template

Information on Tag Manager settings template.

Here you can set all Tag related settings in one screen.

Tag Settings Template

Note: For you to gain to the Tag Settings, you need the 'Tag Manager' and 'Campaign Setup' role as defined by an Admin. Ask your IAS representative to set this for you, or if you are using the Signal Self Service User Administration, contact your Signal administrator designate within your organization.

Platform Settings

For creative level reporting (see Create Reports with Report Builder for more information), set the Display and Video Ad Server. You can set the same or different default display or video ad servers, but ensure it's the server where you intend to run the majority of tags with:

Platform Settings

Macro Settings

Here you can select your parameter to make the tags customizable.

Macro Settings

If the macro/value is saved in Signal for the ad server, then IAS populates the Macro/value field (you can edit the value). Otherwise, you need to enter the Macro/value.

Once you have the Macro/value the tag type set, click Add.

Then the parameter appears in the summary table where you can edit or delete the parameter.

If you change the display or video ad server in Platform Settings, then Signal updates the Macro/value. Review/edit the new Macro/value to ensure it is correct for your needs.

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