Self-Service User Management User Guide

Self-Service User Management allows you to create and update user settings in IAS Signal without needing coordination with an IAS representative. To leverage this offering, work with your IAS account team to get the User Admin role added to your login.

With Self-Service User Management, you can edit users and permission users across teams that their respective admins have access to. You can create and deactivate users, and assign and unassign roles within your teams. 

Self-Service Users Blurred

IAS Signal auto-generates usernames when you create a new user and sends an email confirmation to the Admin. Also, Signal sends a password activation email to the new users.

With the Self-Service User Management, IAS is removed from the management and oversight of your user management decisions. However IAS created a 'User History' in the Admin user page's audit log for your auditing needs.

Access the Self-Service User Management through the Admin icon on the left side bar. Then select Users.

Self-Service Admin User

Create Users

Your IAS representative creates the initial Self-Service Admin user for you. Reach out to your representative for more information. 

You can create new users once you have at least one user with the User Admin role. Each user contains roles to control Signal permissions, along with assigned Teams and DSPs. The user only sees data for the assigned teams and DSP (when assigned the Programmatic Traders role).

IAS Signal generates the usernames and sets default roles for you (you can override the default settings) and sends the Self-Service User Admin an email for each user activation.

Self-Service Create User

Assign Roles

A user gets roles for various permissions in Signal. You can control how much of Signal a user can access.



Is Default

User Admin

You can create and update user roles. The User Admin can also reset passwords for users which results in the user receiving an email to reset a password. Additionally, the User Admin can enable, expire, lock, etc. accounts.


Campaign Setup

Users have access to create and manage campaigns, agreement templates, and view the Context Control Catalog.


List Manager

Users have access to manage lists to apply to campaigns.


PMI Mapping Manager

Users have access to map Proprietary Platform Partner (social) IDs using the PMI Mapping Manager to access data.


Team Mapping Manager

Users have access to Team Mapping Manager page to link IAS Teams to Mediaocean Prisma Instances for campaign creation integration.


Unified View Admin

Users have access to modify their Unified View (Custom Dimensions) taxonomy.


Custom Report Builder

Users have access to create/view reports in Report Builder for the IAS Teams they have access to.


CTV Live Dashboard

Users have access to the CTV Live Dashboard.



Users have access to standard Signal Dashboards, and Unified View if the team is enrolled.


Programmatic Reporting

Users have access to the DSP Macro dimensions in Report Builder and access to the Programmatic Dashboard, and are able to view programmatic data for all teams that are enabled for programmatic reporting and to which they have access.


Programmatic Traders

Users have access to Programmatic Dashboards and view the reports only they have created while restricting access to other parts of Signal as well as non-programmatic data (use only when access to other parts of Signal and non-programmatic data should not be available to the user).


Tag Configurator

Users have access to Tag Configurator to modify tags for programmatic reporting.


Tag Manager

Users have access to Tag Manager to wrap placements, generate pixels, and view automated tag setup. Users have access to enable select ad server mappings. Users have access to self-service site mapping.


Assign Teams

Users can only see data for the assigned teams, done in the User settings section. You can assign Teams upon User creation or later via editing the Admin > User:

Self-Service Assign Teams

Assign DSPs

When the user is assigned the Programmatic Traders role, you can assign DSPs to that user:

Self-Service Assign DSPs

Disable User

User Admins can disable a user and edit the user's teams, DSPs, etc. by removing those values in the Admin > User page. Edit the user and deselect items.

Here a User Admin can edit a user and add or remove Teams and DSPs.

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