Map IAS Teams to Ad Servers

You can map your IAS teams into the system of an ad server or site with Ad Server & Site Mapping in IAS Signal.

IAS pre-maps Account IDs for you wherever possible. If you do not see a mapping in place for your IAS team and partner Account, please create the mapping here.


  1. Login To IAS Signal.

  2. From the left side navigation of IAS Signal, click Tags > Ad Server & Site Mapping.

  3. Search for your ad server or site, and use the Actions dropdown to edit the mapping and add more teams.

  4. Click the + icon to the left of your ad server name to see all IAS teams currently mapped to your ad server. A "MAP" pop up appears.

    Ad Server & Site Mapping home screen

  5. From the MAP pop up, select the IAS teams to which you want to map.

  6. Click the MAP button.

Need further help?

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