List Manager - Brand Suitability Lists

This article explains the Brand Suitability List in List Manager on IAS Signal, including an overview and how to enable/create the lists.


Brand Suitability Lists allow you to create and activate post-bid Contextual Avoidance segments without contacting IAS customer support. You can activate post-bid Contextual Avoidance segments at the campaign level in addition to the currently available team-level only option (one list per campaign).

Create Brand Suitability List

The Brand Suitability List is a list type in the List Manager in the Campaigns section.

1) Click New List and select the list type Brand Suitability List.

Brand Suitability List

You must fill out a list name and description to create a list.

2) Add avoidance segments to the list. Hover over the Information bubble of the segment name to get more information about the type of content the segment avoids.

3) Add teams.

4) Include an email to receive notifications when your list is created and updated.

5) Adjust settings for "Current Campaigns" and "Future Campaigns" sections.

Brand Suitability List Apply the List

5) Click Create.

You must add a list name and description to create the list.

Brand Suitability List Create

Update Brand Suitability Lists

You can apply, download, edit, or archive the Brand Suitability List from the top level List Manager screen under Campaigns like you do for all List Manager - Getting Started Guide :

Edit Brand Suitability List

The email added upon list creation gets notifications for all updates to the list.

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