Clinch Automated Tag Wrapping Guide

IAS built Automated Tag Wrapping allows for IAS Blocking technology on Clinch-served inventory, and removes the need for downloading and re-uploading tag files across platforms.

Manual tag wrapping is a tedious, error-prone, multi-step, file-based manual process. IAS built Automated Tag Wrapping for these benefits to your teams:

  • Allows for IAS Blocking technology on Clinch-served inventory

  • Removes the need for downloading and re-uploading tag files across platforms


  1. In the Clinch platform navigate to Settings → Integrations.

  2. From the top right of the Clinch Integrations table, click Add and select “IAS Integrations” from the dropdown menu. A “Link to IAS Team” menu appears.


  3. Enter your IAS team ID. Click Add. A request to approve the link will automatically get sent to IAS.

  4. IAS will approve the link request within one business day, and then your IAS team and Clinch accounts will be linked. To save time and avoid the approval process, you can partner with your IAS CSM to pre-map accounts in the IAS Signal platform under each respective team. Linking in the Clinch platform will still be required, but will speed up the linkage, as it will already be pre-approved by IAS.

  5. Create campaigns in IAS and in Clinch, respectively. For help creating campaigns in IAS, click here. For help creating campaigns in Clinch, click here

  6. After you create campaigns in both IAS and Clinch, from the Clinch platform navigate to the campaign you wish to link to an IAS campaign.

  7. Click Campaign Settings.

  8. From the “3rd Party Services” panel on the bottom right of the campaign settings screen, switch the INTEGRAL AD SCIENCE (IAS) radio button to “On.”


    A “Integrate to IAS” menu appears.

  9. From the “Team ID” dropdown, choose the IAS team that owns the campaign to which you want to link.

  10. In the IAS Campaign ID box, enter the IAS ADVID. You can find the ADV Entity ID, also known as the ADV ID, in the Campaign Setup page in IAS Signal.


    On the Campaign Setup page under the "Campaigns" column you can see the unique ADV ID below each campaign name; for example, 718022:

Serve your campaign

  1. To serve your campaign, in the Clinch platform navigate to your Placements screen, and from the top right click the Actions button, then select “Download Ad Tags”. A menu appears.

  2. From the “Download Ad Tags” menu, click Download Tags to trigger the wrapping process. Note: You can also download tags from the campaigns library. This may take up to 3 minutes.


  3. To download your tags, navigate to your Notification Center, find your IAS Tags notification, and click the blue “Download Tags” link. Ensure you filter for Severity→Info to more easily see the notification.



Tag Support

Clinch and IAS teams will honor IAS Agreement Templates and Media Partner Profile settings:

  • For tag wrapping. For help setting your tag preferences across your IAS Agreement Template(s), click here

  • Across all placements under the partner.

Map publishers/sites in the IAS Signal platform before you wrap placements by following the standard mapping process automatically triggered by the integration. If you attempt to wrap placements prior to mapping a site, the following error message appears in the Clinch platform:


Note: All placement wrapping in the campaign must be successful before you retrieve the tags.  

Account Linking

IAS and Clinch support many-to-many linkages. Contact your IAS representative to link multiple IAS teams to a single Clinch account, or to link multiple Clinch accounts to a single IAS team.

Supported Inventory & Solution Types 

  • After you enable the integration at the account level, all IAS campaigns are technically eligible for automated tag wrapping with Clinch.

  • Display and video inventory is supported across campaigns with Clinch.

  • Automated Tag Wrapping supports both Blocking and Monitoring solutions. Tag wrapping rules operating at the media partner level will first default to IAS Media Partner Profile settings, then honor the client preferences they configure in their Agreement Template.

  • As with all other IAS tags, a switch to a blocking solution can take up to two hours for the blocking to take effect

  • Tags will need to be re-downloaded and re-trafficked from the Clinch platform if a solution is updated.

Macro Support

IAS adds macros to tag wrappers and pixels for more granular data, like detailed Programmatic Reporting or CTV app-level data. These macros are automatically added to tags with pre-populated parameter values, by media partner, wherever possible.

Need further help?

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